Welcome to CloudServices 24x7

<<< This is not a real company >>>
This website provides information about Surround's winning solution to the Common User Group's IBM i UI Modernization Challenge using the CloudServices 24x7 fictitious company.

Common's Challenge

On October 24-26 at the 2016 Common Fall Conference & Expo, Common introduced a new "Common UI Modernization Challenge" educational track. The Vendors competed, but the attendees were the winners.

Read more about Common's Challenge.

Surround's Winning Solution

Surround was very excited at this opportunity and quickly jumped on it to demonstrate what we could do. How we faired in comparison to others was even more enlightening. Ready. Set. Go!

Read more about our Winning Solution.

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We love to be tested. If you’re facing a modernization challenge and would like to see how adeptly you too can become a Software Superhero, simply fill in the form below and we’ll show you the way.

About this Website

This website was part of Surround's Winning Solution and was built in a few hours using the Accelerator CMS. CloudServices 24x7 is a fictional company. You can read more about it at http://www.cloudservices24x7.com/. We have also included content from that site under Original Site Pages as well. Special thanks to Jim Buck and WMCPA for first doing this challenge and providing it to Common to replicate.